Zap Zone Laser tag

Whatever the occasion - whether it's for the kids, families or adults - Zap Zone Family Fun Centre delivers unsurpassed excitement and the most exhilarating, action packed, heart stopping unforgettable adventure you've ever imagined!

Introducing the Zap Zone Lauzon Evening Adventure Pass!

Thursdays to Saturdays from 7PM to Close
Sundays from 6PM to Close

  • For only $15 + HST You Get:
  • 1 Round of Laser Tag
  • 1 Round of Glo Golf
  • & 1 Round of Bumper Cars or Balladium
  • For only $5 + HST more
  • You get 30 Tokens!
  • Featuring a Glow In The Dark Arcade Floor, Great Music and Super Party Lighting!

The Place:

Hyperblast is the most advanced laser game entertainment system in the world. The Hyperblast experience is like stepping into real life video game were up to 48 players and three teams can play at one time.

The Player:

Hyperblast is a new and exciting entertainment experience designed for, teens, parents, families, business people, associations, school groups, and organizations - experienced or novice.

The Mission:

Your objective is to deactivate the opposing players and their bases with use of your phaser, as a sophisticated computer program tallies your individual and team scores.

The Equipment:

Each player is provided with a phaser and computerized vest after being thoroughly briefed on the rules and strategies of the game.

The Goal:

Unsurpassed fun! And to accumulate the most points for your team. At the end of the game, you are led out of the arena to analyze your personal score sheets and plan for the next adventure in the MULTI-LEVEL laser tag!


Laser Tag Prices:

1 game - $7.98 (+ HST)
2 games - $14.16 (+ HST)
3 games - $17.70 (+ HST)

Pricing is per person

Tuesday Special: $4.00 (+HST) per game, per person!